We run a set of open source projects mainly related to Delphi, these projects covers a wide range of topics like VCL Styles, libraries and tools to retrieve system information, RAD Studio tools and plugins, Shell extensions and third-party skin plugins.


The TSMBIOS  project is a Object Pascal Library for access the System Management BIOS (SMBIOS). The SMBIOS (System Management BIOS) is a standard developed by DMTF. The information stored in the SMBIOS typically includes system manufacturer, model name, serial number, BIOS version, asset tag, processors, ports and device memory installed. The TSMBIOS project allows access the System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) using the Object Pascal language (Delphi or Free Pascal).

WMI Delphi Code Creator

The WMI Delphi Code Creator (WDCC), allows you to generate Object Pascal, Oxygene, C++ and C# code to access the WMI classes, events and methods. Also includes a set of tools to explore and Query the content of the WMI..

VCL Styles Utils

The VCL Styles Utils is a library which extend, fix QC reports and add new features to the VCL Styles feature. This library add support for style common dialogs, Task Dialogs, Windows native controls and more.

VCL Styles Plugins

The VCL Styles Plugins is a collection of plugins for skining third party installers and apps using the VCL Styles.

Delphi Dev. Shell Tools

The Delphi Dev. Shell Tools is a Windows shell extension with useful tasks for Object Pascal Developers (Delphi, Free Pascal).

Delphi IDE Theme Editor

The Delphi IDE Theme Editor (DITE) is a tool to change the IDE color highlighting of several Object Pascal IDE's like Delphi (RAD Studio), Appmethod, Lazarus and Smart Mobile Studio.

Delphi Wmi Class Generator

The Delphi Wmi Class Generator is a application which creates full documented Object Pascal classes to access the WMI. The code generated is compatible Delphi and Free Pascal.

Delphi Preview Handler

The Delphi Preview Handler, is a preview handler for Windows Vista ,7 and 8 which allow you read your object pascal, C++ and Assembly code with Syntax highlighting without open in a editor, this preview handler can render these file extensions .pp, .lpr, .lfm, .lpk, .inc, .pas, .dpr,.dfm, .dpk,.dproj, .bdsproj,.c, .cpp,. cc,.h, .hpp,.hh, .cxx, .hxx, . cu, .asm..

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