We offer services to companies, individuals and developers. Some of the services provided are Delphi and .Net development, Development troubleshooting, UX improvements for Desktops Apps, migration from legacy Delphi applications to Delphi XE(n) versions, Integration of Delphi and .Net Apps with another platforms and services.

SQL Databases integration

We can add or improve the SQL database support of your existing application. We had a lot of real experience working with SQL Server, Firebird, InterBase, SQLite, MySQL and ORACLE.

.Net Development

We offer .Net application development using C# or Oxygene. Our expertise includes Rich Client applications using WinForms, WCF Services, Interop support, SQL Database integration, Hardware communication, Integration between systems and platforms, solid knowledge of the SAP Business One SDK (UIAPI, DIAPI, DI Server).

Delphi Development

We provide professional Native Delphi development which includes: Rich Client applications, code refactoring, creation and modification of custom VCL components, ActiveX Controls, COM based libraries and development of dynamic link libraries (DLL), Integration with SQL Databases, Windows Services, Consume Web Services, REST APIs, XML and JSON. Work with third party components like Fast Reports, Developer Express, virtual treeview, JVCL, JCL and others.

Migration of legacy Delphi apps

We can help you to modernize and improve your old legacy Delphi Applications. We can refactor your code adding support for generics, create 64 bits versions of your apps, enable Unicode support, modernize the look and feel, and replace legacy or deprecated components like the BDE.

  Migration of legacy Delphi for Microsoft .NET apps

We have a lot of experience migrating and refactoring apps developed using the deprecated VCL .Net (Delphi 2005-2007) to Oxygene or C#.

Development Troubleshooting

We can help you to resolve bugs, add new features, improve the overall performance of your application or simply refactor your source code.

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