We develop profesional desktop applications using the Delphi language since 1999, some of our services related to Delphi development includes:

  • Development of Rich Client Desktop Applications, We can create reliable, fast and professional looking desktop Applications. 
  • Creation and modification of custom VCL components. We can help you to create a component from the scratch or improve your component code and functionality.  
  • ActiveX Controls. We can help you to turn your VCL Form or VCL Component in a ActiveX control.
  • COM based libraries and development of dynamic link libraries (DLL). When can help you to interoperate with  an external dll or develop a custom dll which can be consumed by another applications, Also we can help you to extend your Application developing a shell extension.
  • Windows Services. We can help you to write mision critical (24/7) Windows Services.
  • Windows Api (WinAPI), We have real expertise working with several areas of the Windows APis like DWM, WMI,Windows controls, Windows Shell, Hooks, Diagnostics, System ServicesCryptography and Networking.  
  • Integration with SQL Databases We can connect your Application with SQL Server, ORACLE, Firebird, MySQL, SQLite and more.
  • Consume Web Services. We can assist you to consume Web Services 
  • Work with XML and JSON. Problems with XML, XPath or JSON? We have a lot of experience working with these languages.
  • Integration with REST APIs, We have experience working with several REST APIs like Google, Twitter, Dropbox, PayPal and others.
  • Hardware communication, We have extensive experience working with Thermal printers, Biometric devices, Balances, sensors and another hardware devices via TCP/IP, RS232, USB, Bluetooth.
  • Experience working with third party components like Fast Reports, Developer Express, Virtual Treeview, JVCL, JCL, Indy and others.



We support all the Delphi versions (v1 to 10.1 Berlin).


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