We can help you to resolve bugs, add new features, improve the overall performance of your application or simply help you to refactor your source code. We offer all our expertice in several areas which can help you to accomplish your task.

  • SQL Development, We have several years of experience working with SQL Databases, we know about design schemas, stored procedures, functions (UDF), CLR functions, XML Data, Spatial Data, Handling of Binary Large Object (Blob) Data, Transactions.
  • SQL Database Integration, We know how to work with SQL databases efficiently using Delphi and .Net
  • Hardware, We have extensive experience working with hardware devices like Thermal printers, Biometric devices, Balances, Sensors and handheld mobile devices via TCP/IP, RS232, USB, Bluetooth.
  • Experience working with legacy code, We are very used to work with legacy or abandoned code.
  • Development of complex Systems, We have expertise working and extending ERP systems, developing applications for manufacturing, Quality Control, Chemical, Construction and Hardware industries.
  • Windows Desktop Development, We have experience writing Dll (Native and managed) libraries, Windows Services, Desktop Apps, COM Objects, Shell Extensions, ActiveX controls, Networking and Cryptography.
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