We can help you in the complex process of migrate your old legacy Delphi Application to an modern Delphi XE(n) version. 


  • Code refactoring, We can help you to rewrite the code of your application, adding proper exception handling, removing memory and resource leaks, and so on.
  • Add 64 bits support. Delphi can produce 64 bits binaries since the XE2 version, We can help you to update your code in order to be compatible with 64 bits, this task may include rewriting Pointer related operations, check the proper use of the integer types and rewrite assembly functions to Object Pascal.  
  • Generics. We can help you to replace old code to generics types, collections and dictionaries.
  • Unicode. When can help you in the task  of make your application Unicode enabled, refactoring the code related to strings, streams, WinApi calls, pointer operations, replace third-party components, interop with Unicode dlls and resolution of Database related issues.
  • Modernize the look and feel. We can help you rewriting the code of your application adding proper support for Visual Styles (Windows Themes) and VCL Styles.
  • Replace legacy or deprecated components, We can help you to replace your old components which are not compatible with Unicode and/or 64 bits, also we can help you to get rid deprecated components like the BDE engine.
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