We have a lot of experience migrating and refactoring apps developed using the deprecated Delphi for .Net (Delphi 8, 2005-2007) to Oxygene or C#. Check out some of the advantages of migrate.

  • Reuse your business related code, We can help you to keep most of your business related code, only migrating the framework code.
  • Update the .Net Version, Delphi for .Net only supports the 1.1 and 2.0 .Net framework, So if you migrate you can adopt the newer .Net versions including features like LINQ, WCF, Task Paralel Library and more. 
  • Use modern and updated languages, We can help you to adopt a modern .Net language like Oxygene or C#, taking advantage of several features like Generics, Anonymous methods, Lambda expressions, Query expressions, Future types and much more.
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