We offer .Net application development using C# or Oxygene. Our expertise includes :

  • Rich Client applications using WinForms, We can help you to create a professional Rich client application with great UX, high performance, reliable and with a proper layer separation (Presentation, Business and Data).
  • WCF Services, We can help you to build service-oriented applications using WCF
  • Interop support, We can help you to implement a proper interoperability between managed and unmanaged code. This includes call native code from .Net, such as Windows API DLLs, third-party libraries and COM components.
  • SQL Database integration, We can help you to build a .Net Application which works with SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL or SQLite.
  • Hardware communication, We have extensive experience working with Thermal printers, Biometric devices, Balances, sensors and another hardware devices via TCP/IP, RS232, USB, Bluetooth.
  • Web Services and work with REST APIs, We can assist you to create or consume Web Services, also we have experience working with several REST APIs like Google, Twitter, Dropbox, PayPal and others.
  • Solid knowledge of the SAP Business One SDK (UIAPI, DIAPI, DI Server), We are certified in the SAP® Business One SDK, We have several years of experience developing Addons and DIAPI Apps.
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